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For Evergreen Innovative Strategies - First Nation aboriginal consulting, municipal, political consulting

Our track record spans over twenty years in the natural resource sector, the government sector, the political sector and the aboriginal sector, from high level policy development in the Premiers Office to riot police on the front lines, involving a multitude of jurisdictions from Quebec to Manitoba and from private to public.
As Albert Einstein once said, "The only source of knowledge is experience."
Track Record:
Cree’s of Missanabie:
  • we have prepared a negotiating strategy, and conducted planning exercises and subsequent negotiating plan to organize effort’s in negotiating forestry opportunities,

  • we secured a Letter of Intent with Weyerhaeuser and the Ministry of Natural Resources (MNR) to develop an agreement and work on FMP’s with Missanabie Cree,

  • We established a negotiations table between the Missanabie Cree First Nation, Weyerhaeuser Company, Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources, Regional Office, Chapleau District, and Wawa District which had been considered as the leading table in the Province by the Provincial Government regarding First Nations forestry negotiations. At the time, there was no other table like it taking place in Ontario, as stated by the Regional MNR. This table was supported as a pilot project by the MNR as the possible solution to First Nation negotiations. It involved multiple Districts and various senior officials from both companies and the MNR who have been expressing their optimism for its future,

  • We negotiated an agreement between the Missanabie Cree First Nation and the largest tree grower in Ontario to make the Missanabie Cree First Nation the Liaison for the grower, begin feasibilities in potential business partnerships, and a commitment of an annual royalty to the First Nation.

Cree’s of New Post / Taykwa Tagamou:
  • At the Taykwa Tagamou Economic Development Corporation we are providing ad hoc forestry services when required such as, forestry planning, business planning and strategic alignment, people management training and advice, contract negotiations, accounts management and advice, and representation on agreement round tables surrounding the current forestry agreements negotiated through New Post,

  • We negotiated a twenty year $450 million dollar forestry agreement between the Taykwa Tagamou Nation and Tembec which established an unprecedented form of timber rights ownership. The agreement takes partnering to a new level and introduces new and exciting innovations to First Nation / Industrial relations. It sees the First Nation, the company, and the local economy benefit from transferring timber rights between TTN and Tembec in a way that allows for maximized economies even during economic down turns.

  • We restructured a fifteen million dollar a year forestry company for the Taykwa Tagamou Economic Development Corporation to help them make the leap from start up aboriginal company to an efficient and effective leader in the field,

  • we were one of the first organized efforts in bringing Term and Condition 77 to the forefront of Forest Planning. As well, we played a significant role in the development and negotiating of a Working Relationship Agreement between Tembec Inc. and New Post, which is being heralded as a leading agreement in Canada in terms of First Nations Forestry,

  • In New Post, we were involved in the negotiating of a long-term forestry agreement and its subsequent forestry opportunities with Abitibi-Consolidated,

  • We developed a number of First Nation forestry orientated business plans for New Post during our relationship,

  • We developed a five year negotiating plan to organize efforts and ensure the maximization of opportunities to the Band.

  • We built and negotiated a Long Term Forestry agreement for the New Post First Nation which takes off from the Working relationship agreement and identifies specifics associated to the business relationship between New Post and its business partners.

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