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About Us
Our company was established in Cochrane, Ontario in May of 1995, where it continues to exist today. When establishing this practice Peter Politis began a journey toward bridging the gap between developing Northern Ontario and an emerging aboriginal dynamic toward functional inclusion in this development. Our experiences include operating at senior levels on all three sides of the fence in many different capacities, providing a unique and balanced insight.  

On this journey, we have found successful solutions to matters spanning across the entire aboriginal, government (including municipal governments) and industrial spectrum. We provide unparalleled value to our clients by developing creative and innovative strategies to breaking the historical barriers, while finding innovative results even where others before have failed. We help our clients recognize the unique dynamics in their challenges, understand how to navigate the mine field ahead and use these to plan the development of fresh new solutions for the long term. 

We service aboriginal needs; industrial needs; federal, provincial and municipal government needs, or anyone seeking a strategic and innovative solution to their needs.

We operate out of Cochrane, Ontario and have served clients from Manitoba, through Ontario, to Quebec.
What Our Clients Say
Councillor & E.D.O Maurice J. Kistabish, Wahgoshig First Nation:
“Mr. Politis and his efforts have yielded results for our community which can easily be considered among the best in the country.” “I have worked with my fare share of Consultants and expertise. I find Mr. Politis to the best at what he does.”

Bev Cheechoo, Administrator Moose Cree Services:
"Eye opening workshop. As an aboriginal woman I found the forward thinking and open approach to the difficult barriers many of us avoid speaking about to be refreshing and encouraging. Peter is able to put into perspective the challenges aboriginal people face in reaching their full potential."
Mario Villeneuve of Villeneuve Construction:
"Great Workshop, great speaker. Peter’s experience on both sides of the fence brought a neutrality that was very credible” 
The difference between endless dialogue and realizing actual results is knowing the intangibles that have to be achieved to accomplish those results. For Evergreen Innovative Strategies specializes in helping our clients understand those intangibles while also focussing on tangibles such as balancing the aboriginal way of life with commercial development; true mutual partnerships between First Nations, industry, municipalities and government in general; reduction of barriers; and relationship building through mutual awareness.

Through experience, creativity and innovation, we play a crucial role in developing and advancing strategies for our Clients which maximize success in negotiations, mediation, facilitation, people management, communications, administrative efficiency, business planning, strategic planning, brainstorming and risk management. Our experiences and techniques are truly unique. Our accomplishments and consistent results demonstrate a flare for creative, innovative solutions to difficult barriers, as well as a commitment to evolving aboriginal, government and industrial relations to fresh and productive new levels.

Whether you are an aboriginal community or organization, or you are a natural resource based company struggling to integrate your operations with First Nations and aboriginal interests, or simply a branch of government facing challenges in aboriginal affairs, For Evergreen Innovative Strategies has the innovative solution for you to succeed.

It is said that time well invested is the mother of success and opportunity. Invest a few simple minutes to browse through our web site and potentially open the door(s) to your own success and opportunity.
For Evergreen Innovative Strategies First Nation aboriginal consulting.  For Evergreen Innovative Strategies municipal, political consulting. For Evergreen Innovative Strategies First Nation aboriginal consulting. For Evergreen Innovative Strategies municipal, political consulting. 
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